Common Sense and Tutoring

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Respond to texts as soon as possible.

Please inform us (via text/email) in the following circumstances:

  • Your student no longer wants lessons.
  • Your student wants tutoring in a different subject which you don’t tutor.
  • You no longer want to tutor.
  • You want to decrease your hours/change students.
  • Your student wants more hours but you don’t have time.
  • You try calling/texting a new client but they don’t reply.

On TutorCruncher, please fill in the subjects you want to tutor in ‘teaching skills’ and fill out all of the information in your profile under the ‘edit’ button on the dashboard.

Finally, and most importantly: please respond to our texts within 24 hours/on the same day. Otherwise we will have to allocate the client to someone else.

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