What we expect from you as an Evolutionary Tutor

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Help us to provide the best tutoring service in Australia

To help Evolutionary Tutors make the greatest impact on students around Australia we need to we offer students and their parents the best service possible. To do so, we need your help!

We need 5 things from you to help create the best service for our students:

1.     Respond to our messages as soon as possible

We get a number of requests for tutors every day with students or their parents looking to start right away. If we take too long getting back to them, they are likely to look elsewhere for tutoring services which means they miss out on being tutored by YOU! Therefore,its really important that you reply to our texts promptly and keep us informed when:

  • You can or cannot take on the new student we have messaged you about.
  • You tried calling/texting a new client but they didn’t pick up or reply.
  • Your student wants tutoring in a different subject which you don’t tutor.
  • You no longer want to tutor or you want to decrease your hours/change students.
  • Your student no longer wants lessons.

2.     Update your profile on TutorCruncher

So we can figure out if you are best suited to tutor a new student, make sure the following information on your TutorCruncher profile is up to date:

  • The subjects you want to tutor in the “teaching skills” section.
  • Your bio.
  • Your location.
  • Which locations you are willing to tutor at.

3.    Let us know how we can improve

We are always looking for ways to improve our service. As you are the ones directly interacting with the students and their parents, you are our best source of feedback. We want to hear from you every step of the way! For example:Your location

  • Is there something that you are finding difficult as a new tutor?
  • Would you like more resources, and if so what kind?
  • Can you think of ways to better help your students?
  • There are no dumb ideas – we want to hear from you on anything and everything! Let us know via text or email, or if it would be easier over a video chat, let us know and we can set one up 😊

4.     Let us know when your availability changes

As most of you are university students we know how varied and unpredictable your schedules can be.

  • We send out emails around exam and holiday periods to check on your availability for the next few months.
  • Let us know if your availability changes so that we know whether you are free to take on more students.

5.     Use, share and donate to our resources

We have a growing pool of past HSC/VCE exam papers and notes on our Google Drive that all our tutors can use and share during their lessons here.

If you have any notes or past papers that you would like to donate to improve this resource for everyone, we would be grateful if you could upload them through this page. It would be a shame to let them go to waste!

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