Six key expectations

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We can create real change

The power of education

We believe that education is the most empowering force in the world, through creating and sharing knowledge, building confidence, and breaking down barriers to opportunity. Through tutoring we hope to make a real difference to the lives of our students, not only in the short term through achieving academic goals, but in the long term by cultivating a growth mindset and a curiosity for learning and development. We have hired you because we believe that you have the right attitude, skills and experience to help us achieve this goal.  

Six key expectations

To ensure that we work as effectively as possible together to provide this service to our students, we ask you to please take care to understand your obligations as an Evolutionary Tutor: 

1. Respond to our messages within 24 hours (very important!)

We get a number of requests for tutors every day with students or their parents looking to start right away. If we take too long getting back to them, they are likely to look elsewhere for tutoring services which means they miss out on being tutored by you! Therefore, its really important that you reply to our texts promptly and keep us informed when:

  • You can or cannot take on the new student we have messaged you about;
  • You tried calling/texting a new client but they didn’t pick up or reply; or
  • Your student wants tutoring in a different subject which you don’t tutor. For example, you have agreed to tutor a student in Maths but during your call you learn they also want help in English. In this case, please let us know and we can suggest some of our Maths tutors for that student.

2. Keep us updated and log any upcoming lessons on TutorCruncher

When you are allocated a new student you will be assigned to a new "job" on TutorCruncher and asked to give that student (or their parent) a call to introduce yourself and confirm the time of your first lesson. Once you speak to the student or parent and the time of your first lesson has been confirmed, make sure to:

  • Let us know via text that you have spoken to the parent and set a date for your first lesson; and
  • Log this lesson on TutorCruncher under the relevant "job". The parent / student will then automatically receive an email reminder about the lesson a few days before it occurs.  

3. After your first lesson, determine the type of arrangement your student wants

Once you have had your first lesson and understand the kind of help your student is looking for, proactively set up an arrangement that works for you both. This could be:

  • Recurring lessons each week;
  • Sporadic lessons as and when the student needs help - in this case clearly explain how they should best contact you to arrange future lessons; or
  • A block of lessons during a holiday period or in the lead up to an exam.

Make sure to log any future lessons on TutorCruncher once they have been agreed.

4. Mark lessons as "complete" to be paid on time

You will be paid each week for any lessons that you have marked as "complete" on TutorCruncher in the previous week. We issue our invoices to parents and payment orders to our tutors based on the lessons you mark as "complete".

This is an important step that is separate to logging the lesson. Marking a lesson as "complete" means that you are confirming that the lesson took place as you have described it. If the lesson you had planned differs from the lesson that ends up taking place (e.g. the actual lesson went for longer than the planned lesson), you can edit the lesson before marking it as complete.

5. Google Reviews for BONUSES!

Google Reviews are one of the most effective way for us to reach other students and parents looking for tutoring services, which then means we have more students to allocate to you!

Once you have had 4 or more lessons with your student, this is a good time to start thinking about asking for a Google Review. For each student that leaves you a:

  • Google star rating only you will earn a $10 bonus; and
  • Google star rating and a written review, you will earn a $20 bonus.

Asking your students for Google Reviews is also a way for you to build your online profile as any reviews that your students provide will be linked to your Evolutionary Tutors profile on our website. We have found that tutors with Google Reviews linked to their profile consistently get requested more by parents and students.


6. Let us know what you think

As our tutors you are our greatest asset! We value your thoughts, feedback and creativity and encourage you to be as involved as you like in helping us make Evolutionary Tutors a better service for both our students and our tutors. For example:

  • Is there something that you are finding difficult as a new tutor?
  • Do you think our recruitment process could be improved?
  • Would you like us to create opportunities for mentorship and meetups for our tutors?
  • Would you like more resources, and if so what kind?
  • Can you think of ways to better help your students?

There are no dumb ideas – so if you have something to share, please send us an email at 😊

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