How to Tutor: A Comprehensive Guide Based on Science & Literature

Everything you need to know to become an elite private tutor.
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This guide will answer two interrelated questions: How do students learn, and how can you use this knowledge to become an excellent tutor?

Think about the best teacher you had in high school. What did they do that made them so great?

Now think about the worst teacher you had in high school. What did they do that made them so terrible?

By the end of this Guide you will have a significant understanding of the techniques you can use to maximise yourstudents’ marks, and help them on their trajectory towards both academic and personal success.

⚠ WARNING: we will be quizzing you at the end of each chapter, so please pay attention 😉.

Now, let’s get started.

Prelude: Start With Why

At Evolutionary Tutors, we’re on a mission to help every student across Australia achieve their dream academic goals. This is the sole reason we exist. We are aiming to be Australia’s biggest and best tutoring company by 2021.

So we ask you to think carefully about the following: Why do you want to be a tutor?

If you cannot answer this question in your head with clarity, or if you are doing it solely for the money, then we suggest you don’t proceed with the rest of this training. We’re only looking to hire people that truly want to make a difference to the lives of students across Australia. Unless you can understand why you are taking this job, you won’t fully appreciate the trust that students have in you to help them along their academic journey.

To be a great tutor, you must also think about how your student thinks. When you’re in a lesson, put yourself in their shoes. Why do they do what they do, and what motivates them? Ask questions, such as: 1. What interests you? 2. What are you aiming for? (goal setting) 3. What problems do you see in the world, and what steps and/or knowledge will you need to solve them in the future? This last question is particularly important to ask if a student asks you for career advice.

We want to work with the best and brightest tutors across the State, to help us breed a generation of students that are critical thinkers and problem solvers – because that is what the world needs.

Being a great tutor starts with asking why.