Ben S.

Ben S.

Private Tutor for Ancient History, Modern History and History Extension

Bachelor of Laws and Arts
Macquarie University
Privately tutors in
(and surrounding suburbs)
Graduated from
St Ignatius' College

Subject Marks

  • Ancient History (94)
  • Modern History (93)
  • History Extension (48) 
  • English Advanced (90)
  • Latin (85)
  • Latin Ext (46)


Ben is a terrific  tutor that graduated from St Ignatius' College, Riverview in 2017 with an  ATAR of 96.90. Ben is an extremely passionate History and English tutor who has received the Riverview Medal for History, the Tacitus Prize for Ancient History, the  Old Boys Union Prize for Modern History and the Paul Meagher Prize for  Extension History. Ben has a great personality, he keeps all of his lessons  light-hearted and connects with his students on a personal level.

Ben is  highly active in the community, volunteering at the Columbia Aged Care  Services Willowood Centre and the Sydney Children's Hospital. Ben is passionate about sparking a life-long interest in History and  English or at worst, getting students an excellent mark for their HSC.

Blake Crawford

My tutor, Ben, really helped with Ancient History through the HSC. I highly recommend this service to any other students.

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