Chi N.

Chi N.

Private Tutor for Maths, Physics and Chemistry

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
Privately tutors in
Middle Cove
(and surrounding suburbs)
Graduated from
Reigate Grammar School Vietnam

Subject Marks

IB Scores / HSC Equivalent ATAR - 97.5:

  • Mathematics Application and Interpretation Higher Level (equivalent to Mathematics Advanced) - 6/7
  • English A: Language and Literature Standard Level (equivalent to English Standard) - 6/7
  • Chemistry Higher Level - 6/7
  • Physics Standard Level - 6/7
  • Business Management Higher Level - 6/7


I am Chi, a UNSW Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) student. I previously finished High school in Vietnam, doing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program with a 40/45 score (equivalent to 97.5 ATAR). Other than a rich academic performance in Sciences, I have initiated a variety of student-led organizations and taken part in various public speaking and debating contests.

I have always been enthusiastic about the art of learning and held a passion for diving into all the nuances of any piece of knowledge in life that I can absorb. As I have spent my whole life helping my siblings and every friend around me with their studies, I can always sense the rewarding feelings when I walk them through a difficult exercise, or watch them grow, both slowly and exponentially, with their studies. I also learnt that a lot of students need help with their studies, not because of their academic abilities but because of their fearful attitude toward a topic, or their unwillingness to seek help. This motivates me as a teacher and tutor to help students in a more closeted way as I walk my students through their personalized academic journey and choose the best fit for them, from their strengths, goals, and learning strategies to their dream paths.

In my free time, I love to read and learn more about Psychology - my passion, and to travel to new places and try new food as well, so don't hesitate to tell me all of your endeavours!

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Mildred A

I was looking for a private tutor for my daughter who is struggling to cope with her class tuition. I decided to try Evolutionary Tutors to see if they can find one in my area. Chi was assigned to tutor my daughter Year 10 Maths. She had already two sessions with Chi and find her quite friendly. She said that Chi explains the Maths process clearly. I will recommend Evolutionary Tutors to my Year 10 niece who also has same problem with her Maths tuition.

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