Jacinta N.

Jacinta N.

Private Tutor for Psychology

Bachelor of Secondary Education / Bachelor of Music
Monash University
Privately tutors in
(and surrounding suburbs)
Graduated from
Huntingtower School

Subject Marks

  • Psychology - 49/50
  • Further maths - 42/50
  • English - 40/50
  • Biology - 37/50
  • Music performance - 38/50
  • Data Analytics - 42/50



I'm Jacinta, and I graduated from Huntingtower School in 2021 with an ATAR of 96.4. I completed the subjects Psychology (49), English (40), Data Analytics (42), Further Maths (42), Music Performance (38), and Biology (37).

I'm currently doing the Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Secondary Education double degree at Monash University. I was lucky enough to get into the course of my choice, and I want to use my passion and love for teaching to help other students achieve their goals as well. VCE has become especially stressful due to the pandemic, and as such I want to make sure that I build positive personal connections with my students so that my tutoring can be tailored to fit their unique needs. It's especially important to have lots of confidence and motivation in VCE, so I hope to build that up in my students.

Outside of studying and work, I enjoy various hobbies such as reading, writing, listening to music, playing piano, watching cat videos and socialising with friends.

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