Matt M.

Matt M.

Private Tutor for English, Maths and Chemistry

Bachelor of Commerce
University of Melbourne
Privately tutors in
Hawthorn East
(and surrounding suburbs)
Graduated from
Xavier College

Subject Marks

  • English 47
  • Maths Methods 40
  • Chemistry 38
  • History Revolutions 39


Hi! My name is Matt Martin, and I am a current University of Melbourne student studying a Bachelor of Commerce with a planned major in Finance and Economics.
I previously went to Xavier College where I graduated with a 98.3 ATAR, excelling in English (47) and Maths Methods (40), and a class prize in Economics with an A+ average in SACs in all three subjects, as well as the 'Dalton Award for Academic Excellence in VCE'
I have wanted to be a tutor since I experienced first-hand the impact a tutor can have on a student while tutoring at Friday Night School, and I want to be able to help students achieve strong results. As a tutor, I hope to be able to provide an individualised experience for each student and aim to a supportive figure who drives each student to achieve their best possible results.
Outside of tutoring I enjoy soccer and basketball, reading and listening to music

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