Michael Z.

Michael Z.

Private Tutor for Maths

Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Commerce
Privately tutors in
(and surrounding suburbs)
Graduated from
Christian Brothers' High School

Subject Marks

  • Maths Adv: 97
  • Maths Ext 1: 47
  • English Adv: 85


I attended Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham and was ranked second in both advance and extension 1 mathematics in my school and had the respective scores of 97/100 and 47/50 in those subjects in the HSC.

I am currently undertaking a double degree for Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Commerce.

I wanted to pursue being a private tutor because I wanted to share the same experience I had with some great teachers who had helped me gain a greater appreciation for my subjects.

I also spent some time during high school to explore different study methods and would like to share some of the results I have found.

Currently, I am spending a bit more time working on my personal health and trying to reach my fitness goals. I also occasionally practice a little bit of card magic for fun and stress relief.

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