Sepehr S.

Sepehr S.

Private Tutor for Maths, English and Physics

Bachelor of Science (Physics) / Master of Mathematical Sciences (Data Science)
Sydney University
Privately tutors in
Baulkham Hills
(and surrounding suburbs)
Graduated from
Model Farms High School
Sepehr achieved 4th in NSW for Industrial Technology in 2019

Subject Marks

  • Physics - 91
  • Maths Extension 1 - 94
  • Maths Extension 2 - 91
  • English Advanced - 87
  • Multimedia - 98 (State Rank 4th in Industrial Technology)


I am Sepehr Saryazdi, a student currently studying Bachelor of Science (Major in Physics) and Masters of Mathematical Sciences (Major in Data Science) at the University of Sydney.

I am planning on completing a PhD in Mathematics and/or Physics upon completion of my degree. I want to work in a career of either research in Theoretical Physics or as a computer scientist for major tech companies.

I graduated from Model Farms High School in 2019 with an ATAR of 97.3 with E4 in Ext 1 Maths and Ext 2 Maths, Band 6 in Physics and State Rank (4th) in Multimedia Industrial Technology. This achievement was attributed to my quest for knowledge and full understanding of every subject, which I wish to enlighten my students with during my teaching.

I am a tutor as I enjoy seeing the success of other individuals who are going through what I went through. My technique of teaching is applying full efforts in the explanation of every step instead of treating the work as 'trivial' or 'simple' which can often occur in the classroom. I also like to show the direct applications and beauty behind the topics for my students to gain an appreciation for what they're learning.

My hobbies include computer programming my own side projects, acting in theatre, filmmaking and going to the gym.

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