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Pre-professional programs for high school students, taught by Harvard students.
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The Academies' mission is to provide global collaborative opportunities and access to Harvard undergraduate instructors to help students confidently navigate their futures beyond traditional classroom topics.


We aim to cultivate a passion for innovation in our future leaders by equipping them with the tools to inspire change.


The first Business Academy was launched as an initiative under Harvard Student Agencies Tutoring in 2014. Since then, The Academies expanded rapidly, adding programs in new subject areas, along with its worldwide traveling weekend academies. In light of the pandemic, The Academies were forced to reorient and opted towards online programming. Despite the shift online, The Academies continue to provide exceptional programming to high school students every single weekend.

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What's Included?

8 or 16 hour virtual pre-professional course

  • 16-hour/2-weekend program options: (1) Business (Entrepreneurship & Management); and (2) Coding (Python & Web Development).
  • 8-hour/1-weekend program options: (1) Entrepreneurship; and (2) Python.

10 : 1 Student Instructor Ratio.

Life-Long Harvard Mentors.

Learn More: Virtual Weekend Business Academies

Join the Virtual Weekend Business Academies to learn how to manage, scale, and build a company from scratch, while exploring how to turn your ideas into tomorrow's solutions.


The Business Entrepreneurship Academy teaches high school students how to start a business. You'll learn about money, startups, and how to think critically. Led by top Harvard students, our hands-on course gives you the tools to bring your ideas to life. Plus, you'll get to pitch your business idea to judges at the end, just like on Shark Tank!

What you'll learn:

Create an innovative startup idea and learn to adapt it to the market.

Advance your financial literacy and analytical skills through market and customer research.

Learn to create a business plan and conduct a SWOT analysis for your idea.

Craft persuasive elevator pitches for potential investors and analyse product-market fit.

Apply your learnings from a business school case study to your own business.


Learn business problem-solving with the Business Management Academy for high school students. As a consultant, you'll analyse company data to fix profit and product issues. Taught by Harvard students, you'll also study company finances to value performance. Get ready to take your first step into the business world!

What you'll learn:

Learn how to tackle corporate problems with effective business logic.

Think like a consultant and become a business optimiser and problem solver.

Analyse the criteria for a successful product launch, market penetration, and positive cash flows.

Manage logistics and operations by diving into real Harvard Student Agencies case studies.

Understand a company's stock market and industry performance by interpreting income statements and balance sheets.


Learn More: Virtual Weekend Coding Academies

Join our Coding Academies to learn fundamental computer science concepts, logical reasoning to solve problems, and gain hands-on experience to support your future ventures in computer science and engineering.


Learn Python programming fundamentals and best practices in our Introduction to Python course. Develop skills in data storage, code efficiency, and complex data structures. Define functions, write scripts, and develop problem-solving habits with our strong curriculum.

What you'll learn:

Learn principles of Python to become a proficient Python programmer and software developer.

Master data representation using Python's data types such as integers, floats, booleans, strings, dictionaries, and lists.

Build programming skills with for and while loops, and create custom functions.

Create Python functions and programs with proper design, coding, testing, and debugging.

Visualise and analyse data with Python.

Web Development

Harvard Student Agencies' Introduction to Web Development course teaches high school students the basics of CSS, HTML, and modern web design practices. With a focus on programming fundamentals, students will learn how to build interactive web applications.

What you'll learn:

Learn HTML coding language fundamentals to create a website from scratch.

Use CSS design language to manipulate website features and elements for better visual appeal.

Experiment with JavaScript to add interactive features like hyperlinks, buttons, and user engagement to your website.

Develop a website about you or your entrepreneurial endeavour using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Gain valuable skills in website creation and design that you can use for future projects.



Past Business Academies 1 & 2 and Coding Academies 1 Student

Past Business Academies 1 Student

Harvard Agencies Coding Academies Instructor

Program Dates and Fees

Limited Spots Available: Secure your place with only 10 spots available per program. Program dates will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, so enrol now to guarantee your preferred schedule!

Our Virtual Academies contain 8-16 hours of programming featuring engaging lectures, interactive activities, and a final project presentation.

2024 Programs
Exclusive Discounted Prices | Lowest Prices Guaranteed
Program Name Program Hours Student Years Cost
Business Academies 1 - Entrepreneurship 8 hours (1 weekend) Years 8-12 $450
Business Academies 1 & 2 - Entrepreneurship + Management 16 hours (2 weekends) Years 8-12 $750 (save $150)
Coding Academies 1 - Intro to Python 8 hours (1 weekend) Years 8-12 $450
Coding Academies 1 & 2 - Intro to Python + Web Development 16 hours (2 weekends) Years 8-12 $750 (save $150)

Frequently Asked Questions.

Who teaches The Academies?

Academies instructors are all current Harvard students who must pass a rigorous interview process. Our instructor acceptance rate is around 20%. All of our instructors must show advanced proficiency in their subject.

Who runs the program?

The Academies is brought to you by Harvard undergraduates who work for Harvard Student Agencies (HSA). HSA is the largest student-run company in the world and the original Harvard startup.

Who can participate in The Academies' programs?

Our programs are typically for students between 9th and 12th grade, but we accept high-performing 8th graders as well. Unfortunately, we are unable to take any student under 13 years old.

How much are Academies programs?

2-Weekend (16-hours) programs cost $750 (save $150)
Choose from: (1) Business Academies 1 & 2 - Entrepreneurship + Management; and (2) Coding Academies 1 & 2 - Intro to Python + Web Development.

1-Weekend (8-hours) programs cost $450
Choose from: (1) Business Academies 1 - Entrepreneurship; and (2) Coding Academies 1 - Intro to Python.

All programs have a lowest price guarantee.

Do Academies programs require prior knowledge?

Our programs cover challenging, fast-paced material, but they do not require prior knowledge or experience. Our curriculum is designed to cater to those with all levels of experience.

Can I cancel my enrolment in an Academy program?

Full refund up to two weeks before the program start date. If a cancellation occurs within two weeks of the start of the program, a partial refund of $100 will be issued.  

Can I reschedule my program session?

Students are welcome to reschedule their session, at no additional cost, to a later program date by reaching out to, only if this occurs up to 2 weeks before the program start date.


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