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Private tutoring with top local tutors who have achieved exceptional VCE results.

'Best Private Tutoring Agency 2020 - Australia'
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Private, 1-on-1 online and in-person tutoring for all major VCE subjects.


Our Private Tutors.

A sample of our fantastic talent pool, ready to help.

Patrick B.
Burwood East
Private Tutor for Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Applied Computing
Auburn High School
Arnavi R.
Private Tutor for Business, Economics and Legal Studies
Canterbury Girls' Secondary College
Sineka P.
Cranbourne East
Private Tutor for Accounting, Maths, and Human & Health Development
Nossal High School
Dwij U.
Point Cook
Private Tutor for Maths
Elizabeth Blackburn School of Sciences - University High School
Alister T.
Fitzroy North
Private Tutor for Biology, Economics and Maths
Trinity Grammar School
Samana K.
Private Tutor for Biology
Elizabeth Blackburn Science School
Jesse S.
Private Tutor for Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Psychology
Maryborough Education Centre
Maggie Z.
Private Tutor for English, Maths, and Human & Human Development
Mac.Robertson Girls' High School

100+ 5-Star Google Reviews.

Our Approach To VCE Tutoring.

We believe private tutoring is the most cost-effective and time-effective way to boost your ATAR.

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Academic Improvement.

Private tutoring is incredibly popular during the VCE because it produces strong academic improvements in short periods of time.

VCE private tutoring is all about personalised and assessment-based learning that gets you the best internal school ranking which will boost your final ATAR.

Our VCE private tutors are extremely well-qualified. They have an extensive Band 6 resource database, exceptional VCE results and are currently studying their areas of expertise at a university level.

Parent Peace of Mind.

All of our VCE tutors have an up to date Working With Children Check and they are trained based on scientifically proven learning techniques supported by cognitive psychology.

If you ever have any questions, we offer both phone and e-mail support to help you get started.

Private Tutoring Peace of Mind - Mum Holiday

Quality Service.

We have no lock-contracts and have a simple pay-as-you-go system.

Our private tutors come to your home or a library nearby.

We organise the private tutor for you, picking the best match based on location, subjects, availability and personality.

No upfront fees, no costly packages and pay after your lesson - we want you to get the help you need first. You'll only be charged after your lesson is complete.

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Why Private Tutoring for VCE Students?

VCE private tutors are incredibly useful resources for VCE students.

Prepare for VCE assessments with confidence.

Private VCE tutoring gives you the personalised feedback you need to improve your school assessment tasks. Your final ATAR is calculated using 50% of your internal school rank and private tutoring can vastly improve this score.

Reduce VCE anxiety and enjoy Year 12.

Private VCE tutoring gives you the reassurance that you are taking the correct path and helps reduce student stress. This allows students to enjoy 18th birthday parties, school leadership roles and all the best parts of being in year 12.

Give parents peace of mind.

Parents are often the unsung heroes of year 12. Private VCE tutoring gives parents the peace of mind that their son or daughter has every opportunity to succeed.

Prepare for VCE exams correctly.

Private VCE tutoring provides the perfect roadmap to understand what and how you need to study to improve your final ATAR score. Your private VCE tutor will provide the resources, the one-on-one feedback and the encouragement you need to succeed.

Personalised learning for your weaknesses.

Private VCE tutoring gives you the personalised one-on one feedback you need to maximise your ATAR. Private VCE tutoring gives you valuable feedback on where you can improve on your responses and how to best focus your study time.

Master study techniques and self-discipline.

Private VCE tutors provide valuable expertise on how to improve studying efficiency and how to avoid procrastination during the VCE.

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