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Private Tutoring Jobs in Sydney and Melbourne

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Why You Should Be a Private Tutor

Private tutoring is the perfect paid job for university undergraduates!  

Future employers love tutoring experience

Private tutoring develops numerous fundamental skills

Strong interpersonal skills

Your role as a tutor involves 100% one-to-one personal interactions.

Ability to work independently

You will manage your own client base of students and control how you tutor.

Experience in mentoring and management

Tutoring provides a rare opportunity to manage and mentor students to achieve their goals.

Ability to be a trusted 'freelancer'

The working economy is shifting towards contractor roles and tutoring helps prove you are capable of working as a freelancer.

Accountability and responsibility

Parents and students will trust you to keep them on-track with their academic success.

Private tutoring can be very rewarding

The right private tutor can change the trajectory of a student's life.

Private tutoring is rewarding because your actions have a real-life benefit for students. You have the capacity to help a student boost their self-esteem or gain entry into a specific university course of their dream.

As a tutor, you will be responsible for guiding your students to reach their goals. You will provide the resources, the feedback, the encouragement and (every so often) a reality check.

The old saying, "nothing good comes easy" is relevant to tutoring. The most rewarding students will usually be the most difficult in the first instance.

You're In Good Company

Amy H.J.
Private Tutor for Psychology, English and Literature
Belmont High School
Angela L.
Hornsby / Pyrmont
Private Tutor for English and Drama
Barker College
Anneliese B.
Private Tutor for Maths
Killara High School
Annie W.
Private Tutor for English, History and Legal Studies
Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College
Arielle E.
Private Tutor for Ancient History, English and Business Studies
Loreto Kirribilli
Ben S.
Private Tutor for Ancient History, Modern History and History Extension
St Ignatius' College
Benjamin H.
Private Tutor for Maths
Marist College Eastwood
Bernard C.
Eveleigh / Kensington
Private Tutor for Maths
Sydney Boys High School
Charlie G.
East Malvern
Private Tutor for Pyschology, Media and English
Melbourne Girls College
Charlotte W.
Private Tutor for English and History
Abbotsleigh School

We Treat People Right

Alexander Wright

Lawrence Moore is an excellent tutor whose dedication to committing time and effort in understanding my learning needs in Maths ext 2, ext 1, Adv and Chemistry during Year 12 has provided me with the confident foundation to pursue a future in science and maths. I highly recommend Lawrence and wish him all the best!

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Sarinthip Incha

Sam has been tutoring me for 7 weeks now and with his help, I have definitely showed improvement in Chemistry and performed consistently throughout my assessments. He shares his own comprehensive notes and makes tutes engaging which has really been beneficial to my learning and furthering my understanding of difficult concepts. Furthermore, outside of tutes, Sam provides extra help with questions where required via external communication platforms demonstrating his commitment towards helping his tutees. Sam is always very optimistic and emphasises the importance in having a positive mindset which has provided me with great confidence in preparing for year 12 exams. Overall Sam is a great tutor!

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Our Criteria For Private Tutors

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What We Do For You

We make your life as easy as possible

Private Tutor Training

Private tutoring is actually a rather intuitive process, but you will certainly need guidance when you are getting started.

We provide a comprehensive online tutor training program that teaches everything you need to know to become a private tutor.

Our tutor training is based on scientifically proven learning techniques supported by cognitive psychology.

Private Tutoring Jobs Sydney - Blackboard

Admin, Client Relationships and Marketing

Private tutoring becomes very complicated when you're navigating the world of Australian Business Numbers, Working With Children Checks, finding clients, marketing your services and accepting payments.

We simplify the whole process, we give you clients and we pay you for the lessons directly.

Private Tutoring Jobs - Admin and Marketing Illustraiton

Industry Leading Pay-Scale and Bonuses

We want to attract the best private tutors and a fair wage is always a good start. 

We also provide attractive bonuses for our best performing tutors.

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How We Set You Up For Success

We want you to get your dream internship or graduate job.

Personal Portfolio

Future employers want to see that you have a proven track-record of employment. The private tutor portfolio shows you are well-respected and highly accomplished.

All new tutors receive a portfolio

Nathan R Private Tutor Portfolio

LinkedIn References

We write personalised LinkedIn recommendations that make you stand out to future employers.

Tutors who complete 250+ hours receive a LinkedIn Reference upon request.

LinkedIn Reference for Private Tutors
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