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Private Tutoring for High School Students In Melbourne

Private tutoring for high school students by top-tier personalised tutors.

'Best Private Tutoring Agency 2020 - Australia'
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The Subjects We Tutor

We offer 1-on-1 in-person & online tutoring for high school English, Maths and Science!

Our Brilliant Private Tutors

A small sample of our fantastic talent pool.

Rawan A.
Endeavour Hills
Private Tutor for English, Business, Legal and Health & Human Development
Lyndale Secondary College
Aira C.
Burnside Heights / Carlton
Private Tutor for English Language, Biology and Science
Copperfield College
Amanda C.
West Melbourne
Private tutor for Biology, Chemistry and Maths
Sydney Girls High School
Amy H.J.
Private Tutor for Psychology, English and Literature
Belmont High School
Anthony M.
Endeavour Hills
Private Tutor for English Language, Maths and Physics
Gleneagles Secondary College

How Does Tutoring Benefit You?

Private tutoring is proven to be beneficial for high school students.

Academic Improvement for High School - Lightbulb Illustration

Academic Improvement

High school private tutoring is the most cost-effective and time-effective way to improve a student's academic results. 

High school private tutors get the best results by using personalised and assessment-based learning to address a student's needs and goals.

High school private tutoring is very helpful to answer the questions raised by classroom teaching and to provide feedback from independent study.

We select high school private tutors with the best social skills, so every lesson can be highly engaging, enjoyable and educational.

Parent Peace of Mind

If you're ever confused we offer both phone and e-mail support to help guide you in the right direction.

All of our tutors have an up to date Working With Children Check and they are trained based on scientifically proven learning techniques supported by cognitive psychology (not Buzzfeed).

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Private tutoring simplicity - Phone Match

Simple Service

We have no lock-contracts and have a simple pay-as-you-go system.

Our private tutors come to your home or library. We also offer online tutoring!

We organise the private tutor for you, picking the best match based on location, subjects, availability and personality.

Our online payment system allows for automatic online card payments (or manual payments if you prefer).

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Why Private Tutoring for High School Students?

Our approach to private tutoring in Melbourne

Confidence in the classroom

Social humiliation is a very real fear for all students. Private tutoring allows students to ask 'silly' questions, address their knowledge gaps and get consistent feedback. Over time, students become more confident in themselves and naturally increase their classroom participation.

More family time

Homework and study can often lead to arguments for family and make parents the 'bad guy'. A private tutor will check-up on their homework and study, so you can spend more quality family time on the weekends.

Personalised learning

Personalised learning allows students to receive valuable feedback on their work and improve areas of weakness. 

Improve students perception of learning

People like to do things they are good at, and high school is no exception. Private tutoring provides a highly effective way to improve a students academic performance through weekly sessions. This process allows students to enjoy learning, setting them up for success at university and the workforce.

High school is missing one on one teaching

Private tutoring is essential to give students the one to one help they need. Private tutoring provides the opportunity for students to be vulnerable, ask questions and address their weaknesses.

Master study techniques and self-discipline

Private tutors provide valuable expertise on how to improve studying efficiency and how to avoid procrastination.

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