Luke N.
Luke N.


 + hours of tutoring 🌟

Lesson Rate: $75/hour 

Luke N.


+ hours of tutoring 

Lesson Rate: $70/hour 

Luke N.

Private Tutor for Legal Studies, History and Studies of Religion

Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Forensic Science
Privately tutors
Jordan Springs
(and surrounding suburbs)
Graduated from
St Marys Senior High School
Lesson rate: $65/h

Surajjh M

Luke N from Evolutionary Tutors taught me SOR II unit and was a great tutor. He not only taught the content methodically but also gave me enough resources to practice and improve upon my weaknesses in the subject. The one-on-one lesson style greatly benefited me to achieve good marks in my HSC exam.

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Michelle F

Very good and worth my time 👍🏾

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Subject Marks

  • Ancient History - 94/100
  • Modern History - 90/100
  • History Extension - 44/50
  • Legal Studies - 92/100
  • Studies of Religion II - 89/100
  • English Advanced - 86/100


Hi. My name is Luke and I graduated at St Marys Senior High School in 2022. I received an ATAR of 94.45 and was awarded a Certificate of Excellence by HTA NSW for my History Extension Major. I will be studying a Bachelor of Forensic Science/Bachelor of Laws at the University of Technology Sydney.

I wish to be a private tutor to help others achieve their academic goals and maintain a consistent work ethic going into adulthood. I'd also like to share my knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for these subjects to assist students so that they may achieve their highest potential. As a tutor I wish to be a role model, guide and supporter for all students, something which everyone needs as they traverse through the difficult journey of senior schooling.

My hobbies and interests include history, politics, literature, psychology, theology, listening to 80s music, following football (and most sports), watching films, and playing video games.

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