Donating Your HSC/VCE Notes

Why donate your notes?

We are building a database of subject notes for HSC and VCE subjects that is 100% free for any student to access. If you donate your notes you will be helping students get accurate information and study more effectively.

Let's celebrate the blood, sweat and tears by sharing your hard work with the world.

Do I have to donate my notes?

You do not have to donate your notes, this is completely optional.

Does donating my notes benefit me?

We will give you recognition for your contribution to each notes set by adding you as a contributor to any of the notes sets where we have used your ideas.

Donating your notes is an extremely low-effort activity that will expose you to new students and showcase to future employers you are willing to go the extra mile.

What happens after I donate my notes?

Once you have donated your notes we will:

  • Proof-read and cross-check your notes.
  • Create comprehensive explanations of each topic using your notes as inspiration.
  • Add you as a contributor to subject notes.
  • Publicise your subject notes to students.

How do I donate my notes?

Please use the Google Form on the button below to submit up to 10 of your best note sets.

Donate Your Notes