Website Profile Photo Guidelines

Why submit a profile photo?

We will use your profile photo to create your tutor profile on our website.

What should my photo look like?

Your photo does not need to be a masterpiece, but we ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • Good lighting - take the photo in soft, natural light;
  • In-focus - ensure that your features are sharp and the photo is not blurry;
  • In-frame - your head should not be too close to or too far from the camera;
  • Turn up your smile setting - studies show that smiling with your teeth leads to increased likability (nearly twice that of a closed-mouth smile);
  • Single shot - be the only person in the photo;
  • Wear appropriate attire - dress as you would for a tutoring session; and
  • High-quality images are preferred - photos taken with your smart phone are generally fine.

Note that we will edit your photo to remove the background and may adjust the brightness/contrast as needed.

An example from one of our previous photoshoots.

Where do I submit my photo?

If you're a new tutor, please submit your photo in the Contractor Information Form, along with your Australian Business Number, Working With Children Check Number and banking details.

If you're an existing tutor and would like to update your website profile photo, please do so via TutorCruncher.