TutorCruncher Help Guide

Table of Contents

  1. What is TutorCruncher?
  2. How do I log in?
  3. How do I record lessons?
  4. When do I record lessons?
  5. How do I add/remove subjects that I want/don't want to tutor?
  6. When will I be paid?
  7. How do I receive new clients?
  8. What do I do once I accept a new client?
  9. What if a client cancels a scheduled lesson?
  10. How do I cancel a lesson?

What is TutorCruncher?

TutorCruncher is our tutor and client management system that you will use to record lessons with your students and receive payment for your lessons.

How do I log in?

You can sign in to your account here: https://secure.tutorcruncher.com/evolutionary-tutors/login/

How do I record lessons?

How to log a lesson on TutorCrunche

1.     Click on ‘My Jobs’ on the left panel.

2.     Click on the relevant job - jobs will be added to your profile when you agree to tutor a new student.

3.     Click ‘Add New Lesson’ and fill in the relevant details. Once you have logged your first lesson, please also change the status of the job from "Pending" to 'In Progress'. (Please do NOT click ‘Set Status to Finished’ within the job as this will remove the job from your TutorCruncher profile).

4.     After the lesson is complete, log back into TutorCruncher, find the lesson that you just completed, and click ‘Mark Complete’. If the completed lesson was different to the scheduled lesson (ie you planned a lesson for 1 hour and it actually ran for 1.5 hours), you can edit the lesson before marking it as complete by clicking the ‘Edit’ button.

5.     A Client Report box will then pop up where you can include a brief description of what was covered during your lesson and any key observations. This is a great way to provide the parent and student with ongoing feedback as to how lessons are progressing.

IMPORTANT: You cannot be paid for a lesson until the relevant lesson has been marked as "Complete" on TutorCruncher.

Your Payment Orders (this is a record of the payments you receive for tutoring) AND your clients invoices are issued each week based on the lessons that you mark as complete. We issue invoices and payment orders on a Sunday evening - therefore please ensure any lessons that have occurred in a particular week are marked as complete by Sunday evening.

What if you forget? If you have a lesson on Wednesday which you don’t record/don’t click ‘Mark complete’ until the following Tuesday, then you won’t be paid until the following week. This also means that parents will not be issued their invoices on time and can cause confusion as to when a particular lesson took place. Therefore please do your best to mark lessons as complete by Sunday each week.

When do I record lessons?

It is best to record your lessons in TutorCruncher as soon as you have contacted your students and know when the lessons will take place.

Please note that if you are recording lessons that have already occurred, the lesson will automatically be marked as complete.

How to add or remove subjects inside of TutorCruncher

How do I change the subjects that I want to tutor?

We assume you are able to tutor all the subjects listed on your TutorCruncher profile under "Teachable subjects". If you ever want to change your tutoring preferences, please log-on to TutorCruncher > Dashboard > Scroll to 'Teachable Subjects' and click the '+Add' icon.

To add subjects: (i) select your subject from the dropdown list (be sure to select the relevant high school/primary school subjects where relevant); (ii) for each teachable subject, select "ATAR" as your skill level; and (iii) click submit.

To remove subjects: (i) click remove subject; and (ii) click submit.

If you make any changes to your teachable subjects, please also let us know via text or email so that we can update your website profile to reflect these changes.

When will I be paid?

You will be paid on Tuesday or Wednesday each week for any lessons that you recorded and marked as complete in the previous week. Please allow up to 3 business days for the payment to appear in your bank account. If payment takes longer than 3 business days, please contact us ASAP.

You will also receive a Payment Order via email, which is a record of your payment.  You can view all your past Payment Orders via TutorCruncher.

How do I receive new clients?

Every time we have a potential new student for you, we will send you a text asking if you'd like to tutor that student and we expect a reply as soon as possible (within 24 hours at the latest). We get a number of requests for tutors every day with students or their parents looking to start right away. If we take too long getting back to them, they are likely to look elsewhere for tutoring services which means they miss out on being tutored by you!

How we feel when we don't get a text back...

What do I do once I accept a new client?

1.      Call them on the same day (we will pass on their contact details to you via text message).

Clients are generally expecting your call - set a good first impression by calling them at a reasonable time and your earliest convenience. If they don’t answer, leave a voice message and a text message (people generally don't check their voicemails). If you haven’t heard from them within 24 hours, send another friendly text message.

2.      Introduce yourself over the phone as an Evolutionary Tutor and ask how you can be of assistance to them/their child.

3.      Organise a lesson day/time and a mutually beneficial location.

4.      Text us on 0425 109 996, letting us know that the lesson has been organised.  

5.      Record the lesson on TutorCruncher (the job will be added to your TutorCruncher portal once you accept the new client).

6.      Prepare for and complete the lesson.

7.      Log-into TutorCruncher and click ‘Mark Complete’ for the relevant lesson.

Please answer and send texts as soon as you see them

What if a client cancels a scheduled lesson?

Our general policy is that we offer free cancellation when the client / student provides you with 24+ hours' notice. If a lesson is cancelled with less than 24 hours' notice, you have the right to charge them for that lesson and you will still be paid as usual. Occasionally lessons might be cancelled on short notice due to an emergency or unforeseen circumstance - be sure to exercise good judgment when deciding whether to charge a client for lessons cancelled for these reasons.

IMPORTANT: If you decide to charge a client for a cancelled lesson that falls within this policy, please send them a text to notify them of this (they already know the policy, but it is good to remind them and avoids any confusion once they receive an invoice for this lesson).

How do I cancel a lesson?

If you need to cancel a lesson that you previously scheduled with a client, please notify them via call/text and give them as much notice as possible.

How to cancel your lesson (with charging and without charging) and how to mark a lesson complete after you have accidentally cancelled your lesson.

Whether a lesson is cancelled by you or your client, you will need to log-in to TutorCruncher, click the relevant job, click the relevant lesson, then at the top click ‘Cancelled’ or ‘Cancelled but Chargeable’ (if the client cancels a scheduled lesson within 24 hours' of that lesson and you decide to charge them).