Sam S.

Sam S.

Private Tutor for English, History, Legal Studies and Visual Arts

Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies)
Sydney University
Privately tutors in
(and surrounding suburbs)
Graduated from
Chatswood High School

Josh M

Sam was a very good tutor who was clear while explaining complex concepts. She would approach each lesson with a positive attitude and could always offer new perspectives on the content being studied.

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Subject Marks

  • English Advanced - 92/100
  • English Extension 1 - 45/50
  • English Extension 2 - 46/50
  • Modern History - 90/100
  • Visual Arts - 86/100
  • Legal Studies - 87/100


Hi! my name is Sam.

I studied at CHS and am currently studying Nursing at USYD. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and constant learning my subjects throughout school but particularly, during year 11 and 12 provided.

While there are always some stressful days, four unit English and Modern History were definite favourites but equal to every subject I studied, I would love the opportunity to share my passion, learning tips and perspective on the course to aid peoples own growth and succession throughout and beyond school.

Beyond my involvement in academics for study and pleasure I play a lot of sport and love music and being outside. A huge driving motivator for me to be a tutor is to encourage students to see the tactical study patterns that save time and prove immensely effective.

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