Evolutionary Tutors Training Guide ✨

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Congratulations and welcome to Evolutionary Tutors! πŸŽ‰

This Tutor Training Guide has been designed to ensure that you step into your role as an Evolutionary Tutor with confidence and clarity. As you progress through this guide you will be given the knowledge and tools you need to make a meaningful impact on the lives of your students and the transforming world of education.


The Evolutionary Tutors Experience

In this training, we'll guide you through the following topics:Β 

  • Chapter 1: Our Vision, Mission and Values πŸš€
  • Chapter 2: Your Key Responsibilities πŸ€“
  • Chapter 3: Performance Metrics + Promotions πŸ“ˆ
  • Chapter 4: Nurturing Strong Relationships 🀝
  • Chapter 5: Making a Memorable First Impression πŸ€—
  • Chapter 6: Understand Different Types of Parents πŸ’‘
  • Chapter 7: The First Lesson + Lesson Reports ✍️
  • Chapter 8: Understand Different Types of Students πŸ’‘
  • Chapter 9: How to Run Consistent High-Value Lessons πŸ™Œ
  • Chapter 10: Key Teaching Strategies πŸ“š
  • Chapter 11: Bonuses for Google Reviews πŸ’°
  • Chapter 12: Zoom Training with Natalie βœ…β€
  • Chapter 13: Training Guide Feedback πŸ™


‍The Transformation

By the end of this Training Guide you can expect to:Β 

  • Grasp ET's Vision, Mission, and Values: Explore the core principles that guide Evolutionary Tutors and align your role with our overarching shared purpose.
  • Understand Your Responsibilities: Understand your key responsibilities to scale your impact and income to the level you aspire to.
  • Navigate Performance Metrics: Familiarise yourself with the metrics that gauge your performance within our organisation and contribute towards promotions.
  • Forge Strong Parent-Student Relationships: Understand the key interactions that shape your ability to build trust and rapport with parents and students.
  • Conduct Engaging First Impressions: Use the First Call Questionnaire (FCQ) to make impactful first impressions and set the tone for successful tutoring experiences.
  • Masterfully Conduct Your First Lessons: Leverage the First Lesson Questionnaire (FLQ) to complete your first lesson and build a lesson plan towards your student's next milestone.
  • Craft Lessons with Consistent Value : Learn how to create comprehensive and engaging lessons through understanding the Theory:Application ratio and what Type of student you are tutoring.Β 
  • Employ Teaching Strategies for Success: Implement an array of teaching strategies to optimise your student’s learning outcomes.
  • Earn Bonuses through Google Reviews: Discover how to gain positive Google Reviews to not only build your reputation but also earn enticing bonuses.


Interactive Learning

To solidify your understanding of the content covered, each chapter ends with some reflection questions. Your answers will be reviewed by Natalie and Darren.


‍Your Input Counts

At the end of this guide you are directed to a feedback form where we will ask for your honest thoughts about the training you have completed. Each year the feedback and insights of our current tutors helps us to improve the training experience for future Evolutionary Tutors. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions!


What’s Next?

After completing this Training Guide, the last step before receiving your first student will be to schedule a Zoom Training session with Natalie. Natalie will become your primary point of contact in your role as an Evolutionary Tutor. On successfully completing your Zoom Training you will be ready for your first student! More information about the Zoom Training session can be found towards the end of this guide.Β 


Once again, welcome to Evolutionary Tutors! We're excited to witness your growth and impact within our community.Β 


Let’s get started ✨