Chapter 2: Your Key Responsibilities 🤓

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The greater the impact, the higher your income.

What are you responsible for? 🎯

The income you earn as an Evolutionary Tutor is linked to the value you create for your students. The greater the impact, the higher your income. By understanding your key responsibilities, you are able to scale your impact and income to the level you aspire to

As an Evolutionary Tutor, you are expected to:

  • Keep your availability up to date on TutorCruncher. To be eligible for new students you must have at least 4 hours available for tutoring each week;
  • Communicate with Natalie promptly and professionally via text to confirm your availability to take on new students;
  • Call new students / their parents to complete the First Call Questionnaire (FCQ) and organise the first lesson; 
  • Log your first lesson on TutorCruncher (tutor management software) and let Natalie know that you have organised a first lesson. Natalie will then confirm the client’s payment details before your first lesson to ensure you are paid; 
  • Complete the First Lesson Questionnaire (FLQ) during the first lesson to understand the support your student is looking for, create a lesson plan leading up to their next key milestone and confirm the time of consistent weekly lessons; 
  • Prepare adequately for lessons using ET Resources and Key Teaching Strategies; 
  • Complete Lesson Reports after each lesson and mark your lessons as ‘complete’ on TutorCruncher. You are paid for all lessons marked as “complete”; and 
  • Reach out to Natalie with any questions you have along the way.  

Click here for a Detailed Responsibility Breakdown and click here for easy to use Tutor Scripts. We recommend printing these out for quick future reference. You will also discuss these documents with Natalie during your Zoom Training. 

Get familiar with the following programs

As an Evolutionary Tutor you will use the following programs: 

  • TutorCruncher (TC): TC is our tutor management software. You will have your own profile on TC and have access to a number of important resources on your TC homepage, including: (i) this Tutor Training Guide; (ii) questionnaires and tutor scripts including the FCQ and FLQ; and (iii) a guide on how to use TC. When you take on a new student, you will be added to a “job” on TutorCruncher. You will log your lessons with your students under the relevant job and before making lessons as “complete” you will be directed to fill out a Lesson Report on TC.
  • Zoom / Google Meet for online lessons: If you’ll be conducting online lessons, we recommend you use either Zoom or Google Meet. If you don’t have the paid version of Zoom we recommend that you use Google Meet as the free version of Zoom has a 40 minute time limit. Google Meet has no time limit and is free to use. 70% of our lessons are currently completed online via Zoom and Google Meet.
  • Google Drive: All of our ET Resources are accessible via Google Drive, including past papers.
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