Chapter 5: Making a Memorable First Impression πŸ€—

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It takes eight positive interactions to change a negative first impression 😲

The First Call πŸ“ž

Building a meaningful connection with your students and their parents begins with the First Call.Β Your First Call will usually be with the parent, however it may sometimes be with the student if they have independently sought out tutoring services. To support you in demonstrating your credibility and making a positive first impression, we have created the First Call Questionnaire (FCQ). The FCQ is accessible here and on your TutorCruncher Dashboard.Β 


You will complete the FCQ while you conduct your First Call and will take about 10 minutes to complete. The FCQ starts with a template introduction which you will mould to highlight your educational experience and tutoring approach. This importantly displays your credibility as a tutor. The FCQ guides you through a series of questions that cover the following topics:

  1. Introduce yourself + set the agenda ✍️
  2. Learn about your studentπŸŽ“
  3. Explain how tutoring works πŸ‘¨πŸ«
  4. Organise the first lesson + cover our Cancellation Policy πŸ“… Β 
  5. Wrap up 🀝


Once you complete the First Call, click Submit to receive a copy of your responses via email. Please also message Natalie to let her know the date of your first lesson. This information importantly ensures that we get the parents payment details set up before your first lesson.Β Β 


Practice Makes Perfect 🎯

During your Zoom training with Natalie, you will have the opportunity to practice the FCQ, gaining confidence in the process.Β  The FCQ not only sets the tone for the relationship but also offers you insights into the student's unique needs and goals. This information will help you plan for your first lesson and shape the way you continue to communicate with the parent.Β  Your commitment to completing the FCQ thoughtfully and effectively positions you to create a successful partnership between you, the student, and their parents and consistently provide value through your lessons.

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