Chapter 11: Bonuses for Google Reviews πŸ’°

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The Google Reviews you receive are a testament to the value you have provided and the impact you have made as a tutor. All reviews you receive are added to your website profile, increasing your attractiveness as a tutor to new parents and students. As a key metric of your performance, attaining Google Reviews also makes you eligible for a promotion!

Plus you will also receive a bonus for every review you get:

  • $10 bonus if your student leaves you a Google Rating only
  • $15 bonus if your student leaves you a Google Rating and Review.Β 

There is no limit to this bonus - one of our tutors earned a $100 bonus through Google Reviews in one term!


When to ask for a Google Review?

Timing is Key. The best time to request a Google review is when your student has experienced tangible benefits from your lessons. Typically the best times to ask for a review are:

  • At the end of a school Term before they take a break for the holidays;
  • After your student submits an assignment you have helped them with; or
  • After your student receives the results from an assignment or exam you helped them prepare for.


How to ask for a Google Review?

Asking for a Google Review is simple - here’s how:

  • During your lesson : Asking your student for a review at the end of a lesson can be most effective.Β 
  • Example script: "Before we finish up for today, can I ask you for a favour? If you've benefited from our lessons so far, do you have a spare moment to leave me a Google Review? Your feedback is the best way for other students looking for tutoring to find our services so I'd really appreciate it.”
  • If they agree let them know you will email / text them the following link after your lesson:
  • Via text: If you prefer to request a review via message after the lesson, here's an example you can use:Β 
  • "Hi [student], congratulations again on your [mention specific achievement]! Can I ask you for a favour? If you've benefited from our lessons so far, would you be happy to leave me a Google review? Your feedback is the best way for Evolutionary Tutors to help other students and parents looking for tutoring services.”
  • If they agree, β€œAmazing! You can leave a review by clicking this link:”
  • Notify Natalie: If your student agrees to leave you a Google Review, let Natalie know so that she can add a bonus to your next payment order.Β 

Google Reviews reflect your expertise and also contribute to the growth of our tutoring services, benefiting both you and future students. Your efforts in collecting reviews are highly appreciated and play a vital role in our continued success.

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