Chapter 3: Performance Metrics + Promotions πŸ“ˆ

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Understand the metrics that contribute to your promotions.

Performance Metrics for Success 🎯

Your performance and impact as an Evolutionary Tutor is evaluated through the following key metrics which influence your eligibility for promotions:

  • Responsiveness: This is how promptly and effectively respond to texts and emails from Evolutionary Tutors. This primarily includes replying to texts regarding potential new students and responding to emails about your availability. Aim to acknowledge and reply to these communications within 24 hours to foster a positive working relationship. Your responsiveness reflects professionalism, reliability, and dedication to your tutoring role, often resulting in increased student allocations.
  • Number of Hours Tutored: The total tutoring hours you have completed reflects your proficiency as a tutor and the size of the influence you have had on students. High-performing tutors have a long term impact mindset - building strong rapport with students and nurturing gradual progress through consistent lessons. Β 
  • Student Lifetime Value (SLTV): Your SLTV is the number of hours you have completed divided by the number of students you have been allocated. For example, if you tutor 5 students in one year and complete a total of 100 lessons, your SLTV would be 20 hours.Β SLTV emphasizes the importance of consistent, impactful lessons. Establishing trust, understanding goals, and crafting meaningful lessons are key. Our top tutors are able to consistently provide real value to their students. Notably, one tutors commitment resulted in nearly 500 hours of tutoring from a single student over 4 years (at $35/hour that comes to $17,500 earned)!Β 
  • Google Reviews and Parent Feedback: Google Reviews from parents and students are a testament to the impact you have made. Any reviews you receive are added to your website profile, increasing the demand for your tutoring services in the future. We offer financial bonuses for any Google Reviews you receive - more on this in Chapter 11! Parents also often provide us with direct feedback about how their students are finding lessons with you. This feedback contributes to our understanding of of the value you provide your students.Β Β 


Promotions: Ascending the Ladder of Impact πŸͺœ

As an Evolutionary Tutor you start on an hourly rate of $35/hour. As you ascend the ladder of impact, you can earn promotions to a 100H or a 200H+ Tutor.

‍100H Tutor 😎

Your hourly rate increases to $37.50/hour.

"Completed over 100 Hours of Tutoring" is included on your website profile.


  • Maintain high responsiveness in communication.
  • Complete 100 lesson hours.
  • SLTV around 10.
  • Obtain 3 5-star Google Reviews.


200H+ Tutor 🀩

Your hourly rate increases to $40/hour.

"Completed over 200 Hours of Tutoring" is included on your website profile.


  • Uphold high responsiveness in communication.
  • Complete 200 lesson hours.
  • Maintain an SLTV of 10 or higher.
  • Obtain 7 5-star Google Reviews.
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