Chapter 6: Understand Different Types of Parents πŸ’‘

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The greater the trust, the greater the positive impact you have on your students πŸ™Œ

‍The Importance of First Call Insights

During the First Call with a parent you will gain insights into their personality and their motivations for getting a tutor. Through our experience serving over 1000 clients we have learned that in order to best support parents and students we need to understand their differences.

We have broadly categorised parents into 4 types:

  1. Anxious Parent
  2. Cool as a Cucumber Parent
  3. "Not Sure"Β Parent
  4. Inquisitive Parent

In this chapter we delve into the different personalities and desires each parent has and give you tips on how to effectively communicate in each situation to build trust. The stronger the trust, the greater the positive impact you can have on your students.


Open the PDF below to understand the different types of parents you may connect with.

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